You have a dream for your next event/workshop/launch party/retreat/live experience brewing in your head and are looking to manifest it into existence...bring it to life in a way that honors your vision authentically and with a touch of magic.

I blend successful business principles, mindfulness tools and intuitive guidance to help you clarify the purpose of your event (+ overarching message), manage the logistics and execute the experience for guests from start to finish. Let's create an experience that transcends the moment itself. An interactive event that truly embodies engagement, community and the abundance of love + connection. 

Your guests will enjoy an inspiring + engaging soul-centered experience,

Full of presence + awareness,

With opportunity to develop deep connections + meaningful relationships.


I'll not only hold that space and vision for you but will organically co-create the whole experience through my gift to transform and execute the entire action plan; from planning, to how the day(s) will flow, pre, day of and post event management. I'll handle every aspect from conception through execution with gracefulness and a sense of flow + ease.

Our planning sessions will incorporate intuitively guided insight, mindfulness techniques + spirituality along with practical business success principles + guidelines. I truly believe in the power of synchronicity and meaningful signs shining a light on what path to follow. We'll tap into that divine wisdom to design a sacred, soulfully aligned experience for your next transformational event. 


G + G Three Step Planning Process


Discovery sessions to begin prepping for the planning process. We'll explore where you are emotionally and spiritually before setting the stage and jumping into the details.


Strategy sessions that dig to the core of your vision and the experience you want to create. Not just what color scheme, theme and flowers you want (although that will come into play of course). But how you want people to feel + engage? This is where all the exploratory work from our discovery sessions really takes shape AND will include visualization exercises! Now is your chance to play and let your imagination flow. This allows you to be open, free and go beyond your wildest dreams. It's a perfect way to get a clear focus on your goals and paints a picture of the vision you're hoping to achieve.


Concept development, ideal partners and/or sponsors, budgets, timelines, vendor selection, venue recos. It all comes to life at this stage. I'll handle the logistics while maintaining the integrity of your design, ensuring your event is carefully crafted to reflect your unique mindset + vision. My intention is to always partner with purposeful heart-centered vendors, products and services when managing your event details whenever possible.


Galas + Grace Exclusive

You have a vision in mind but have no idea where to begin or how it's all going to come together. You need accountability and someone to align all the moving pieces for you. I offer planning + execution that speaks and aligns to your core desires to get you to that end goal.

Here's what you can expect from the Exclusive Package Option:

  • Pre-planning sessions that will get you super excited
  • Get clear on who your ideal guest really is + how to connect to their needs
  • Deep alignment on your vision + how to make it all possible
  • Create an event that is grounded in your purpose + mission

Galas + Grace Strategy Planning

This is about taking your vision beyond one event. We'll develop a long-term event strategy on how to continue to build momentum and implement a seamless plan for future events. Think of it as a way to plan out the year with a broader vision in mind so you can easily see how the bigger picture will come together.

Here's what you can expect from the Strategy Package Option:

  • Long-term event plan developed with target insights + strategy
  • Suggested partnership and/or sponsorship opportunities that fit with your overall vision + align with your brand principles
  • Support with marketing elements, promotion + awareness

Getting to know each other:

G + G is excited to partner one-on-one with you to create your next live event or develop an overarching strategic event plan for you.

Reach out for a complimentary 30 minute 'get to know each other' session to determine how we can best work together. Or email me directly at Even if you don't see an option that fits at this time, let's talk it through and see what I can help you with. 

Sessions are held via phone or Skype. A customized proposal will then be provided depending on your specific needs and desires.

I'd love to join you in crafting an energetically aligned experience -- filled with authenticity + grace + a touch of magic.