Welcome! I'm Christine the founder of Galas + Grace, strategist, host and consultant who is deeply passionate about helping conscious thought leaders in the personal development and wellness space spread their message.

My goal is to create thoughtful experiences and events that ignite and inspire people to practice self-care, elevate their wellbeing and create genuine connection in all areas of their lives while also getting a closer look at my conscious lifestyle approach. 

What started as a soul-centered event planning business has now flourished into an overarching lifestyle brand to include my own events and other live experiences hile still providing strategy + planning services for wellness-focused conscious entrepreneurs.

The original principle holds true --bringing people together with the potential of igniting a conscious shift in thinking-- having the power to inspire and potentially change people’s behaviors, attitudes and outlook on life from just one experience.

Galas ~ initially referred to the planning of social events with an eye for elegance, I also see it as a way of living and embracing life on a daily basis with style, sophistication + beauty.

Grace ~ continues to stand for the belief of embodying divinity, purity, authenticity + spiritual transformation.

Galas + Grace was inspired by my own spiritual practice and journey of self-discovery. Allowing for more love, connection, presence and heart-centered interactions in my day to day life ignited an even deeper passion to share my experience with others. My hope is to open you up to create transformational moments + experiences in your life as well.  

I invite you into my world of conscious living, wellness, beauty and live events coming from a place of deeper awareness. Let yourself surrender to and embrace more heartfelt connections + meaningful opportunities along the way.

Some fun facts.

Born and raised in NJ with strong ties to NYC's culture and lifestyle, I'm definitely a hybrid of the two. My all-time favorite movie is The Outsiders. My favorite comfort food is an Ecuadorian stew that I only eat maybe once a year. My go-to beauty tip is always keep your eyebrows well maintained (they set the tone for your whole face). I love my morning meditation practice, vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles (gluten-free of course), fall outings with my sister, Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathons, all things mystical (crystals, angel cards, astrology, numerology, energy healing, etc.), road trips listening to my Joe Mac playlist, music (pretty much all genres but especially 90's R&B/Hip Hop...it takes me back), and attending motivational events and workshops where I can continue to grow, learn and meet new people.


Thank you for visiting my little home on the internet.

Please reach out anytime. It would be really great to hear from you!


Professional Bio

Christine is highly passionate, creative and extremely focused. After receiving a B.A. in Psychology from Syracuse University, she embarked on her first adventure and pursued a career in advertising. Her background is rooted in consumer packaged goods and pharmaceutical experience from partnering with clients such as Hershey, Microsoft, The J.M. Smucker Company, Unilever, McNeil, AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers, Sanofi-Aventis and Kraft.

With 12+ years of proven agency experience leading integrated marketing platforms, Christine is skilled in cultivating and forging strong client and agency partnerships with expertise in advertising, strategic planning, shopper marketing, experiential and event marketing. Christine was also part of the founding TEDxHackensack team that successfully launched the first community based TEDx event in Hackensack, NJ. Her goal was to create a unique, thought-provoking brand experience for TEDxHackensack participants that would inspire, motivate and drive creativity for future community platforms.

With a degree in psychology and an accomplished career in advertising, Christine is shifting her focus from developing marketing campaigns for big brands to making a more direct impact on a personal level. She feels called to share all her educational and professional experience combined with a very specific passion for a more mindful lifestyle approach.

Christine provides soul-centered strategy + consulting services to wellness-focused conscious entrepreneurs, blending successful business principles, mindfulness tools and intuitive guidance. She works to bolster the vision of her clients by helping them clarify the purpose of their events (+ overarching message), manage the logistics and execute the experience for guests from start to finish. She also hosts events of her own that are in alignment with her mission to raise the consciousness of people in her community.

Christine is motivated by soul-stirring experiences that push her out of her comfort zone, meeting like-minded people who continue to inspire and raise her to new levels, and the miracle of energy healing. Continuing down this path of personal growth and spiritual development, Christine completed the Spirit Junkie Master Class Level One Training with Gabrielle Bernstein.

Other inspirations come from decorating, DIY projects, dancing, travel, cosmic musings and walking around downtown NYC just roaming and exploring. One of her favorite vacation spots of all time is the South of France, especially St. Tropez. A Spirit Junkie at heart that enjoys her morning ritual of meditating, warm water with lemon and preparing for the day ahead in complete stillness.