What's Grace have to do with it???

It’s been about 6 months in the making -- when I actually made the decision to just go for it.  But in actuality, this has been brewing inside me for years.  That little voice that kept pushing me to see the possibility in the uncertainty.  Knowing there was something more I was meant to do even though I couldn’t quite picture it at the time. It kept showing up until I couldn’t ignore it anymore.  After months and months and months of contemplation, meditation and consideration (with sudden bursts of inspiration but mainly a lot of mental resistance), I can officially introduce you to Galas + Grace…my passion project turned passion work before my very eyes.

There are many enlightening moments that brought me to this part in my journey and why I felt drawn to create this solo venture now.  My inspiration was born from:

My pursuit of self-discovery & spiritual growth – bringing a newfound awareness & mindfulness to all areas in my life.

My love for party planning – something I loved doing just for fun.

My career in advertising – laid the groundwork & tools for my personal approach to business.

It’s the culmination of all I learned professionally, personally and now spiritually that has me excited for my next grand adventure as a solopreneur.

The name Galas + Grace was born from the same notion of where I am mind, body and soul BUT also has personal significance to me.

Galas – speaks to the planning of social events with an eye for elegance.

Grace – embodies the belief of divinity, purity, authenticity + spiritual transformation.

However, Grace has a double meaning for me personally, as Grace is also my mother’s first name. This makes it extra special.  It gives me the motivation I need to keep going even through the challenges, resistance and the pressure of my own self-doubt at times.  Rough patches aside, ultimately I sense something amazing taking shape.

This is just the beginning but I’ve already started painting the picture of what’s to come and it actually gets me giddy. I don’t normally get giddy (unless of course it's over Joe McIntyre of NKOTB...WHOOOOOOLE other story but even then I hold my composure) SO trust me it’s gonna be a great ride!

My intention is to share nuggets of inspiration with you from a business perspective but also to provide insight and learnings as I continue down this spiritual path.  They both go hand in hand and the crossover has actually been life-changing for me.  The goal is to post once a month for now but if the inspiration strikes maybe more :)

In the meantime, feel free to connect with me on the usual social platforms (twitter, FB + instagram). And if you want to get A behind the scenes glimpse of the Galas + Grace planning process -- sign up for my email newsletters to receive the action guide delivered right to your inbox. Plus, you will also receive biweekly soulful tidbits, tips and resources pertaining to my spirit junkie musings, fitness/nutrition, life, business and all the fun stuff in between.

NOW…I would love to hear what some of your breakthrough moments were when considering a career change, moving across the country or to another country, leaving a relationship, anything that sparked a life-changing decision for you.  What happened that led up to that moment?  Leave a comment and let me know!

With so much grace + gratitude...