The Power of Connection.





Connection, friendship, community all share a common bond; each have the power to create big shifts in your life. I know because I have experienced it firsthand.

It’s been 9 months since I posted a blog mainly because I just felt disconnected from my purpose, unclear about my message and if it even resonated anymore. I could have had a baby in that time! Needless to say, I’ve been in the process of reorganizing, reevaluating and realigning back to my center…my soul’s calling. In a way, I guess I was preparing for a birth so the length of time is quite fitting. Throughout this period of even deeper introspection, there were days when I felt nothing was really happening. Day in, day out things were pretty much the same. However, as a whole, so much has changed.

As I take collective inventory of the time that has gone by, I realize how much growth and transformation has actually taken place. It’s as if I’m looking at my life from a bird’s eye view and seeing how all the pieces naturally fit together for the first time.

Feeling stuck in my life is nothing new. I’ve gone through this before. I’ve written about it before. Part of me was frustrated and even a bit embarrassed to admit that it was happening yet again. Why were there moments of such clarity + movement followed by long periods of stagnant energy? Why could I have days of feeling inspired + in flow only to hit a wall then nothing happens? What was I missing? What was I not seeing?

What keeps me going is that every time I come to that place of “stuckness” something is always put in my path as a reminder, a confirmation of what lights me up. Often times it comes in the form of a deep conversation with a friend or a perfect song will pop on the radio at just the right time. I’ll attend a workshop or gather in sacred ritual with a group of like-minded souls. I’ll get a sweet text or unexpected compliment from someone I don’t even know. I’ll share a nourishing meal with a friend I haven’t seen in a while. I’ll come across a quote that speaks to the challenge I’m facing at that very moment. So what’s the central theme in all of these? Connection, friendship, community. Authentic, pure, honest + full of reciprocal love.

These synchronistic moments have the power to shift your mindset in an instant. Imagine what happens when you surround yourself with and invite more of these situations in your life on a regular basis. Big shifts begin to take shape. I’ve talked about energy before and preparing your energy for great rewards. Well, a major component of that is staying in alignment by choosing high vibration relationships, experiences, foods, music, books…surround yourself with what brings you joy and see how quickly you attract more of that into your life. Sounds simple but I know from experience that we all need a boost sometimes.

I got my boost recently in the form of soul-stirring experiences, people + ideas and now I’m ready to share some exciting news! I’ve really taken this time to reflect and review on the direction of my business. Last time I had a big realization was around my mission to provide event planning services for healers, teachers, coaches and lightworkers to help spread their message to the masses. Then, the walls went back up. What I realize now that I didn’t realize then – that missing piece that I couldn’t quite put my finger on and why I was still feeling disconnected from it – was that I needed to expand even more. The soul-centered event planning model was the starting point but I still felt limited, closed in, constricted in a way. In fact, it was keeping me from actually going bigger.

9 months later, I am infusing new life into my business. A rebirth if you will. Pretty soon I will be unveiling a new look for Galas + Grace and revealing the expansion from an event services company to an all-encompassing lifestyle brand. Events will continue to live under this larger platform. But this transformation allows me to share even more of myself on a deeper personal level. That’s the part that was missing before, that was keeping me disconnected and feeling like something still didn’t feel quite right. This clears the path and breaks down the walls to allow for more authentic connections in whatever form that comes in wellness, beauty, experiences, live events….the possibilities are endless!

I can’t wait to reveal the relaunch of G+G. Still working on some finishing touches but it’s coming very very soon.

Thanks for sticking with me through the quiet times and understanding that I needed this space to reconfigure all the pieces so that I can come back with more clarity + focus to help support you in your life in even more ways.

Stay tuned, friends….!