~New Beginnings~

I was hoping to get this blog post up earlier in the month but the universe had other plans. My intention was to go deeper into the fact that special events and moments are all about the feelings they evoke, what you feel deep in your soul when you take part in a milestone celebration and other significant life events. However, every time I sat down to write about this topic I kept having major writer’s block. Not because I didn’t know what I wanted to say but the words just weren’t flowing.

Then, as timing would have it, we came upon a powerfully energetic astrological triple header last week with the solar eclipse, new moon and spring equinox.

All of sudden, I was receiving strong signs and messages of where I needed to take my business. I’ve heard whispers along the way but this time the message was incredibly loud and clear. I know now why I couldn’t get the words out, there were big shifts taking place pulling me in a more focused direction. And, I needed to let that ride out…

When I first launched my business, I knew I wanted to provide a service that merged my business experience and marketing background but in a non-traditional way by creating a heart-centered, more mindful approach to the event planning model. For me, that was about stepping away from working with corporate clients building big brands and instead impacting people on a more personal level with a focus on bringing events to life with authenticity, integrity and grace.

At first, I was leaning towards providing my service to those planning major life events (i.e. weddings, milestone birthdays, social events and parties) which I will still do under the umbrella of Galas + Grace. However, I now see this personal development path I am on has elevated me to a higher more spiritual level. It was always about bringing that expansive message of spirituality, love and overall healing to as many people as possible.

~The stars are aligning and showing me where I am truly meant to share my gifts in this world~

It’s about partnering with my fellow lightworkers, healers, teachers, coaches and spirit junkies to spread our collective message even further and reach more people through live events, launch parties, workshops, retreats and other types of experiential celebrations to support a book launch, a new service, seminar, class or anything related to soul-centered programs or businesses.

This is where I truly light up inside and know it is where I am meant to put all my years of integrated marketing and brand building to good use.

It all comes down to one simple statement: Galas + Grace, mindful event coaching + planning services that support creative endeavors for heart-centered entrepreneurs + business owners in the metaphysical, spiritual and intuitive arts. Still playing around with the wording but that is the ultimate goal!

How exciting?!?! Clarity and vision are so important and for the first time in a long time I am starting to really flow with the realization of where I can be of bigger service.

I will be updating my website + services to reflect this slight change in direction which will also depend on where I see there is the most need. I’m thinking it will be one set of services for general life events and another for spiritual thought leaders planning an experience. Not sure how that will all look yet but stay tuned for many more updates to come!!!

Before I sign off, I do want to circle back to the original intent of this blog post which was really about feelings and connecting with an experience using all your senses. I know I diverted from this topic a bit as I’ve been in the midst of a personal epiphany. Ultimately though, the underlying message really does connect back to feelings and a deep inner knowing. Trusting your intuition and paying attention to random signs which really aren’t random can lead you to an opportunity you may have not even considered. Stay open to those messages and even think back to last week when big planetary shifts were taking place. Was there something that kept popping up for you? Explore the new possibilities that may have exposed themselves to you. See where this may take you next. It’s all good stuff. Trust in that feeling.

Thank you for staying with me on this journey. I look forward to new beginnings and all the excitement that comes with it!!

How does all this sound to you? If you are a heart-centered entrepreneur with a spiritual business, let me know what events you have coming up and what types of services would interest you? Please share in comments below. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help to tailor my services to be of even greater support to you. Can’t wait to partner up!!

With deep gratitude,