Back to School Energy




As the summer begins to wind down, I start to feel the anticipation and excitement for fall. It’s that ‘back to school’ mentality that truly gets me motivated and ready for a fresh start. There is definitely an energy behind it that resonates with me deeply. I always loved shopping for new school supplies, my first day of school outfit, fall clothes, colors and accessories… to this day; I still feel that same energy.

But before I say goodbye to the summer months, I am taking time to reflect and be grateful for all the experiences, the challenges, the moments that have brought me to right here and now. I hit a few rough patches early on which reminded me to listen to my own advice about forgiveness. See previous blog post. Funny how when you are in the midst of it all you tend to forget the resources you have deep within you. I came across a quote on Pinterest that was a perfect reminder:

Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behavior. Forgiveness prevents their behavior from destroying your heart.

It’s really not about the other person, it’s about recognizing the lesson, releasing any resentment and letting go with love and appreciation for the experience because it is elevating you to a new level of consciousness. When you look at any hardship with that awareness, suddenly you start to realize it is all working out for your highest good. There’s always a divine plan in the works that you just can’t see right away and that’s okay. Of course, there is still a period of sadness and I’m all about feeling the feelings because that is true authenticity and acknowledging your truth. That’s where you actually uncover the underlying lesson. It’s all so worth it to bring you to exactly where you need to be in this moment.


So I honor the hard times with love and gratitude. I also cherish the amazing moments I’ve had over the last few months. Spiritually, I’ve gone deeper with my meditation practice and experienced some incredible shifts that I’ve never felt before. I just finished a 40 day detox that also allowed me to get crystal clear on my purpose and stay focused on calling in my true desires. Not to mention, I’ve had a summer filled with lots of outings, gatherings, connections, inspiration and more. It’s been such a whirlwind in a good way! The photo posted to the right was taken when I was on Maui during one of my morning runs. It’s the picture of perfect serenity which is where I began my summer and where I’m closing out the summer with that same sense of peace for all that has transpired, letting go and allowing everything to unfold with ease and grace.

And now, I am ready to bring in the new and build on the momentum that comes with back to school season and Fall. I’m so excited for all the seasonal activities, upcoming travel, events and new lessons to learn. My energy is high and I am more aligned to my life’s purpose, work, love and relationships than ever before. It’s a feeling so strong that I can actually physically feel it in my body. The shifts are possible for all of us. Once you stop controlling the outcome and just surrender to what the universe brings your way. It’s not easy to relinquish control. It’s a moment to moment practice in training your mind to connect to your center, your truth, your intuition. When you start to spin out of control, take a moment to breathe, look around and notice the miracles literally surrounding us…we are so small in comparison to the magnitude of creation that makes up the universe. Think about it.

So here’s to change! And, welcoming in the fall…boots, leggings, tights, jackets, dark nail polish, crisp Autumn nights, apple picking, bonfires, the smell of burning wood, pumpkin carving, Fall foliage, falling leaves, hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkin everything, apple cider, Harvest moons...

What do you love about fall? Tell me in the comments below.

Busting out my hoodies,