2015 wrap up

Usually around this time of year I put some time aside to do my annual year-end ritual and also get really clear on my intentions for the coming year.  Check out my process here.

However, I have been feeling some resistance about sitting down and actually doing it this year. Part of me has been feeling a lot of pressure as there’s only a couple weeks left in the year and I was still holding out for something big to happen. 2015 was the year of reward and abundance after all, so where is it???

As I thought about it for a few days and allowed myself to feel the feelings while showing myself grace in this moment of resistance, I finally had a spark of clarity and was able to shift my thoughts. This year I dedicated myself to working on my energy every single day. It was my number one priority. And in thinking about that, I realized the reward was my energy. How this whole year I’ve been upleveling and lifting myself higher with each challenge, roadblock or perceived set back. This year was preparing my energy for that abundance to manifest into something beyond my wildest dream. As part of my Energy Mastermind group led by the fab Traci + Kayla, they talk about how before you can manifest something really big you have to get your energy ready for it. You have to be an energetic match for your desires.

So going into 2016, which is being called the Year of Destiny or the Year of Me/You, that is what 2015 was all about. Getting my energy ready for the gifts to come in 2016. Realizing this was a game changer for me over the last week, now I’m feeling reinvigorated and totally ready to do my year-end ritual.

In addition to my usual process, I’ll also be incorporating Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map principles (creating goals with soul), gifted to me by a dear Spirit Junkie sister. This means going deeper with my intentions for the year and identifying the feelings behind those intentions. As Danielle says, “the essence of your desire is a feeling.” It’s about really tapping into that source energy and claiming the “why” around your desires. From that place, every decision you make, every person you choose to spend time with, any activity you participate in, the conversations you have will come from the feelings you want to feel and anything that doesn’t align to those feelings you can consciously choose to not allow in your life. What we focus on expands so it’s important to keep our thoughts positive as much as possible in order to attract more positivity.

The journey matters just as much as the result.
— Danielle LaPorte


So after a little bit of hesitation, I’m super excited to get going and more importantly ready for 2016 and all that I have been working towards. I’ll also be creating my life theme/mantra for 2016. It’s an exercise that I always look forward to. 2014 was “Believe in Miracles,” 2015 was “Live My Light,” what will it be for 2016??? I’m already getting some hits around it but will see what pops up when I go through the actual exercise. Usually, I’ll start to see and feel significant themes coming through and that is what guides me to my life mantra for the upcoming year. It’s about building on the momentum from one year to the next, embracing the transition, allowing the transformation to take shape and stepping more fully into my power with each year that passes. 

It’s been a year full of life affirming moments. Some in the form of personal conflict that I couldn’t quite understand at the time but ultimately were all put in my path for my highest good and evolution. I am beyond grateful for all of it and for having the opportunity to connect deeper with my inner guide that has shown me the way back to the core of my being and kept me on track with my life’s purpose.

This stuff is so amazing and truly lights me up as you can probably tell. What types of rituals do you incorporate in your year-end wrap up? Have you tried setting intentions vs. New Year’s resolutions before? How has the difference worked for you? For me that was a major mindset shift when you focus on intentions instead of resolutions, it really is about your core desires and the feelings behind them. Let me know your thoughts or any other types of rituals that work for you. I love hearing about and trying new things so please share!


Calling in true abundance,