2015: the year of reward.

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As I sat down to create my life theme for the year, I began reflecting on the lessons that kept popping up for me in 2014. Where did I need to go deeper? Where was I still playing small? What challenges am I being guided to confront head on?

There was a recurring centering thought that I noticed. In October 2014 I launched my business, laid the foundation, then sat back and waited. Not sure what I was waiting for. I guess I thought things would start to magically just take off. I mean, I fought through the resistance, insecurity and fear to finally put my idea out to the world. So shouldn’t that be enough to get the momentum really going?? Wrong! That was playing it way too safe. Now it’s about to get real.

2015 is the year to truly claim my purpose, embrace this new adventure as a business owner and embody all the loving divine power that is guiding me to bring my message to more people. This is the year of being the light, claiming my light and living my light! It’s time to elevate, expand and amplify.

My life theme mantra for 2015 is ~Live My Light~

This will be my guiding principle for the year and will support me in deepening my relationships and connections in matters of business, love and all areas of life as well as open the door for new opportunities. With that, I’ve made the commitment to invest in myself and make energy my number one priority this year. It’s all about raising my energy to a higher vibrational level allowing me to receive the rewards that 2015 has in store. More on this down the road!

I have to say, I’m already starting to feel big shifts in the works. This feeling is so strong, powerful and makes me believe the time is now. I AM ready to take on the year!!

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~Planning with Soul~

With this ignited sense of purpose, I want to bring some attention back to the passion that prompted me to start my own business in the first place and this idea of soul-centered event planning. In my quest for a deeper state of awareness through personal development, I’ve had many moments of pure inspiration. Experiences, miracles, encounters which have guided me, taught me and opened me up to a more enlightened level of perception.

Implementing daily practices have taken some time to form a regular routine but even subtle shifts have had a major impact on my mindset and perspective overall. This idea of mindfulness and focused awareness has truly made a difference in my life. The tools, resources and community of people I’m connected with and have access to provide so much abundance, support and an open-minded force field of energy that anything is possible if you really want it. Infinite possibilities! Of course, it takes dedicated action and daily commitment but the rewards are absolutely worth every second.

My desire is to bring this idea of mindfulness into all areas of my life personally but ultimately to others through my work. I want more people to experience the benefits in approaching any situation with more presence, awareness and intention as it will not only make it better but will actually maximize the moment with an even deeper and richer level of engagement and connection. This is where the planning approach for Galas + Grace came to me.

The driving force behind G+G is to infuse mindfulness practices into the planning process to create an experience rooted in grace, purpose and authenticity bringing a more heart-centered quality to any life event. It's all about getting clarity and focus around your mindset before digging into the actual logistics and planning. My vision at its core is about bringing people together with the potential of igniting a conscious shift in thinking. To me, that is the most important aspect of my work as it can not only change the way you plan your next social event but has the power to impact other areas of your life. This gives me goosebumps FOR REAL! Because I know what it feels like to experience that shift and is exactly why I want to share this gift with my clients, friends, family and loved ones.

The idea of mindfulness and adapting a more spiritual lifestyle is a personal choice that some may find strange, curious or not quite sure what to make of it. But really, it’s just about what feels right to you, who you are at your core, your beliefs and values. Tapping into that energy will always steer you down the right path. It really is that simple.

So 2015 is the year of reward. I’m ready to make this my best year yet and most importantly help you to approach this year with more mindfulness, grace and love. No holding back, let’s do this together!!

What soul-stirring plans do you have in mind for the year ahead? Any life events, milestones, celebrations coming up? Would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Living my light,