I’m so excited to extend my marketing services on a more personal level at this time. This is different from buying a course or program that teaches you about marketing + branding. I'll actually do all the work so you can free up your time to focus solely on your passions + gifts that are so needed in this world.

My professional background is firmly grounded in advertising, integrated marketing and strategic planning with over 12 years of client service + leadership experience serving the consumer packaged goods and other lifestyle industries.

My focus was on cultivating and building strong aligned relationships with all my client partners in delivering multifaceted marketing plans from ideation to the concept phase through final execution with a heavy concentration on growth and strategic management.

I now feel called to take this deep seeded knowledge and experience to help mission-driven entrepreneurs, brands + services that are actively making a difference in directly transforming people’s lives.

I thrive in the company of others living their mission and am super passionate about aligning with platforms that promote an overall good quality of life mindset.

Services include situation analysis + business reviews, strategic development + management, creative concepts + briefs, marketing plan creation, execution + tracking, managing partner relationships and much more!


Exchange: Consulting Rate starts at $77/hour

Getting to know each other:

I’d love to partner with you to help refine your marketing and overall platform strategy, positioning + messaging.

Let’s get on a call and discuss what your needs may be and we can create a customized consulting package just for you.

Reach out for a complimentary strategy session to determine how we can best partner together. Or email me directly at christine@galasandgrace.com. Even if we decide it isn't the right time, I'd love to help guide you in the right direction so it will definitely be worthwhile either way!

Sessions are held via phone or Skype.