Christine helped me get clear on my ideal client and the energy I want to emit. She listened to my story and my passions and then created a beautiful vision for my event; it was as if she read my mind. She is professional and extremely helpful. She did all the heavy lifting, including talking to venues and going to the sites. She made the process really joyful and pain-free for me. One thing I didn’t expect, but value the most about our time together, is that she empowered me to step into my authentic self and share work with others. Over the course of our time together I began a dedicated and consistent weekly newsletter, started sharing weekly videos on social media, and began hosting group workouts for my ideal clients. I couldn’t have done that without her. Our work together has propelled my confidence and joy in ways I have dreamed about in the past. She is a gem!!
— Jenna Hillier
Christine took the time to really understand what we wanted for our wedding and enhance our vision with her incredible creative style. There were so many beautiful details and wonderful touches. Our day was truly special and Christine was a big part of making it a success.
— Priscilla + Erin Sanders
Christine is a smart, dedicated woman with a huge heart. She is one of the best listeners I know and I genuinely just love spending time with her. She always has something interesting to say and is an extremely self-aware person. Christine is warm and caring, you just feel a genuine connection with her and that she really cares about what’s going on in your life. In work, she is dedicated and no mountain is too tall to climb. I’ve seen Christine conquer tough business challenges, navigate challenging relationships and mentor those who reported to her. I’ve also seen her at my birthdays, grandparents’ wakes and for regular dinners and catchups. She is such a diligent and loyal colleague and friend.
— Kelly Gloor
Christine’s optimistic and calm approach to problem solving gives clients, customers, partners and her team a sense of security and that all things are possible. People believe in her. They know she will do what she says she will do. She is elegant and eloquent. The way she speaks, the way she dresses, the message that she sends is one of polish.
— Heather Cooney
Christine approaches a need, task, or an idea from a new perspective and through different eyes. Her creativity helps refresh every idea and find better ideas within those ideas. A solution is always in her line of sight even when others think there isn’t any. A champion thinker who stays optimistic and positive. With that attitude, she makes a great leader and essential team member with amazing insight.
— Kristopher Garcia
Christine is always encouraging people to figure out what will make them feel fulfilled and always offers help along the way. She is easy to talk to/come to with a problem, and people have confidence that she will hear them out and help them find a solution or be a cheerleader for their cause. If there was a conflict, Christine worked with both sides to find a resolution. She’s very thorough and follows through with what she says she will do. Christine sets a great example for following through on tasks, simple or overwhelmingly large, and didn’t let things fall through the cracks. She was consistent on all fronts. She is also very easy to be around and can make a crappy situation fun. She has an overall positive outlook on life, which is inspiring.
— Erin Przylucki
Christine never let circumstances define her nor has she ever caved into obstacles. I admire how she marches to her own drum and the way she manifests integrity. She is one of the most creative people I know and that with style. Christine was instrumental to the success of my Great Gatsby party. From the concept to its execution: décor, props, entertainment, music and menu selection were all met with rave reviews!!!
— Annabelle Tenreiro
I always loved working with Christine. Not only is she dependable and hardworking, but she is creative and strategic. Her team player mentality and positivity always drove the team to their best work. She’s a great problem solver who figures out a solution for any challenging situation with a level head taking in all the facts and variables first. She’s confident in herself which makes her someone people want to go to for advice and expertise.
— Jennifer Layton
I’ve had the opportunity to work with Christine when we met at The Bravo Group, a Y&R advertising agency. In that time, I came to know Christine as being a very dependable, loyal, caring, organized, and detailed person. She has a great sense of style and an amazing ability to manage projects. She is beautiful on both the inside and the outside and I am blessed to have her as a friend. I highly recommend working with her as she will not let you down.
— Maria Hidalgo
Christine always follows through with what she says she is going to do. She is passionate and puts in 100%. She aims to learn as much as possible about a particular interest. She’s always willing to listen to the full story and give advice.
— Michelle Tippens
Christine is hands down the most fiercely loyal person I know. She will always have the backs of the people/things she loves. She is unshakeable and it makes it easy to trust her. She has this incredible ability to give herself fully over to the things that inspire her. If she “likes” something, she LOOOOOVES it & can happily spend hours of time immersed in it/by it. She is open to her own intuition and committed to what it tells her. My wedding day would not have been the beautiful success it was without her. As maid of honor and wedding planner in one, she had huge responsibilities. She executed them flawlessly and with tremendous grace. She allowed me to do nothing but enjoy the day. She will never fail you.
— Patricia Cook
Christine possesses a commitment for success and a tenacious desire to solve client problems. She demonstrates strong team building skills with her ability for driving integration across various disciplines. She’s also a good mentor for her team.
— Rick Arnstein