Angel and Oracle cards are wonderful spiritual tools that offer guidance and assistance to gain clarity in any area of your life. My readings can offer you support in general areas of focus or a more specific question(s).


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Email Readings

1 question or general guidance - 3 card pull with 1 follow up clarification question/response via email if needed.

Exchange: $22

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Video/Phone Readings (2 options)

Option 1:

30 minutes – 1 question or general message along with my intuitive guidance and insights.

Exchange: $33

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Option 2:

60 minutes – intuitive card reading with up to two questions.

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Love Notes

I had never put much thought into how a simple deck of cards could be so useful in someone’s life. I had heard of other people’s experiences and decided that I had to see what it was all about. I was skeptical at first, as I feel most people can be, but I knew that for it to work I had to go in with an open mind. As the reading progressed I felt overwhelmed with emotions. The cards described scenarios to me in which only I knew about. Christine’s reading answered the questions I had and then some. The sense of relief I felt after my reading had me thinking about what I had just experienced, and I immediately fell in love with it. Since my reading with Christine, I have been inspired to get not only one deck but three decks of my own. I have continued to do my own readings almost daily. A reading with Christine is something I feel everyone should pursue. It can benefit your life in so many ways and help work out any turmoil you may be dealing with. I have been changed through this experience.
— Emily
At first, I was really unsure as to what to ask. I had so many questions but when Christine drew out the cards I was completely surprised that she knew exactly what I really wanted to know. It cleared up the path of all the other questions and allowed me to see what I’ve been through, current situation and what my future can be. It definitely answered the question that I needed some clarity on. It guided my thoughts to where I really wanted to go. I’ve always wanted to move out from the city but I was too hesitant. Now, I’m currently saving up and more determined to experience life outside NYC! The last card that was drawn by Christine was Archangel Michael which reflects confidence. Such a great reminder to be confident on my chosen path. I would recommend this to people that need more clarity in their lives and people that are undecided and/or lost.
— Ariane
Before I did my reading with Christine I was very sad, troubled and worried about a situation going on in my life between two people I care about and love the most. I had never done a tarot reading before but only heard and seen it in the movies. I was a bit nervous in the beginning and the idea of doing it over the phone didn’t make much sense to me at first.

Christine was very calm, elaborate and empathetic the whole time. She explained to me what an angel tarot reading was, asked me to have some water by my side and be in a quiet surrounding so we could both concentrate and channel our inner selves. She said I could either ask her a question verbally or just say it in my thoughts. I didn’t feel too comfortable saying it out loud so I just kept it in my thoughts. I wasn’t sharing my problem and talking to anyone about it. As she read my first card, I got very emotional and blown away as it was just what I needed to hear. Everything in the reading connected to me and made sense. After the reading, I just felt so much lighter, happier and at peace with the situation I was dealing with. Christine was so nice and sent me pictures of the cards she had pulled for me. She also followed up with me the next day and sent me a song that she thought connected with me and reminded her of me.

Thank you Christine for being my spiritual guide and being there for me. You truly have the ability to understand people spiritually and your gift could help so many other people in distress to overcome their situation.

I would definitely recommend a tarot reading by Christine to people who are going through a difficult time in their lives and are looking for some guidance and help. This reading helped me so much and I would love to do more readings.
— Jeni
I’ve had many readings in the past. This one was at the top of the list for accuracy. Christine was very insightful and gave me a clear perspective on some of the key issues I was facing in my life at the time! Not only did she interpret the cards, she was able to put a lot of different things into context and helped me to see how things in my life fit together. She obviously has a real mastery of the medium.
— Priscilla
Going into my reading, I was not sure what to expect. I had never received a reading before but I went in with an open mind. It is no exaggeration when I say that Christine’s reading changed my life. I had been struggling with what direction I should take my career in and used that as my guiding question. What had seemed like an insurmountable problem before quickly eased into a tiny hill that was worth the short struggle. I had clarity and peace of mind and that was so much more than I ever thought I would get out of this experience. I instantly realized what I needed to do to seek happiness and passion career-wise and became excited for the near future. I resonate strongly with how Christine interpreted the cards drawn for me. She helped focus my energy and thoughts to find the true meaning of my cards. This truly was a life changing experience and I would absolutely love to receive another reading in the future.
— Nicholas
I’ve had several readings with Christine over the past couple of years. Each one took place when I needed not only clarity on a situation but guidance. It was incredible how I was able to approach these challenges with faith and grace after Christine’s intuitive insights. One in particular has taken a few months to unfold but guided by the light she shed on my problem, I’ve made great strides towards shifting the situation to a positive outcome! Christine is just a kind and inspired channel and her messages have always landed. I look forward to each reading as they’ve all given me such direct insight and helped me act with wisdom, love and optimism. It’s truly a great gift to give yourself and I would highly recommend it to everyone! Thank you, Christine!
— Patricia