Are you ready to feel supported, guided and heard as you tackle signigicant shifts, changes and other life transitions?


Through my 1:1 Offering:


  • I will support you in any change or life phase you are transitioning into

  • I help take the fear out of the natural uncertainty that comes with everyday life

  • I will guide you through being more open and allowing the process of transition to unfold


Investment: $77/hour

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Getting to know each other:

Let’s get on a call to discuss what your needs may be and what 1:1 support looks like for you.

Reach out for a complimentary session to determine how we can best work together. Or email me directly at Even if we decide it isn't the right time, I'd love to help guide you in the right direction so it will definitely be worthwhile either way!

Sessions are held via phone or Skype.